My new book, Art / Fashion in the 21st Century, reaches Deutschland.

As I've posted about many times (apologies for the shameless self promotion, and thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy already - more are arriving in Australia in two weeks), my new book Art / Fashion in the 21st Century was released in Australia last month. Rather excitingly, it's now also available in the USA, France (I was quite excited to see it sitting alongside some great books at Ofr in Paris, one of my favourite bookstores, where it's being watched over by Vreeland The Great - thanks for the pic, Lucinda Rose Constable), China, Singapore and Taiwan. November 11 will see its release in the UK (and we've already had some fantastic press there in Elle, Harper's Bazaar and The Observer). But just landed on my desk is a copy of the Prestel co-edition for Germany. It's essentially the same book, of course, but it's nonetheless exciting to see my work published in another language. I've done some writing for Architectural Digest Germany in the past, so maybe it's time for me to explore it as another language. Thankfully my co-author Alison Kubler is quite fluent, so the book's title in this edition is Fashion Is Art (contentious with some, I'm sure) and features a brilliant Philip Treacy headpiece created for an Alexander McQueen show.